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 Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles for Rent or Lease

Whether you need people movers for a short-term special event, or a fleet of industrial carts to service your warehouse for the next year and beyond, Golf Cart World has you covered. 
The varieties of utility carts can seem endless and confusing. Our team specializes in finding the right vehicle for your needs and developing a flexible rent or lease agreement to fit your situation and budget. 
A two-seat golf utility cart is probably the most capable machine you can drive. Perfect for any grassy course and are able to drive anywhere small vehicles are allowed. Whether you want gas powered or electric, they are extremely fuel efficient and can come with cargo load space for hauling just about anything you need. 
A four-seat golf utility cart is significantly bigger than its two-seat counterpart. Not only can it safely take four passengers, its larger engine and capacity allows for even more usefulness. Ideal for most light- to medium-agricultural and industrial jobs, many four-seaters are also perfect for a greater variety of off-road terrain. 
Dump Beds
Dump Beds are typically a two-seater utility cart with a hydraulic-powered cargo bed at the back. Depending on the power you need, these incredibly versatile machines can be electric, gas or even diesel powered. 
Transport Vehicles
It’s never been easier to get from A to B. Carts specifically designed to transport passengers vary in size from two seats to eight. Convenient and comfortable, they have uses far beyond the airport. 
Customized Carts
If you can think it, we can build it. See our Customization page for more information about how a cart can be craft to fit your exact needs and specifications. 

Buy Used Golf and Utility Carts

Looking for a great deal? We have a rotating stock of previously-owned carts, many of which are retired from our own rental fleet. This means we know every nut, bolt and wire and can attest to sound service records from our own experienced team. So if you’re looking for help around your business, or a dependable vehicle to take up to the lake, come and see us. 
When you find the used machine you’re looking for, don’t forget all the options available to you to accessorize and customize it. 

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If you have questions about renting or what we currently have available for sale, just give us a call at 502-368-7949 or stop today to get started.